RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
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About Us

Our Platform

Our Platform

Unlimited Scalability, Flexibility & Accountability

As a fully plug-and-play platform, RGIST is designed from the ground up to be completely compatible with your existing systems. Whether you’re dealing with legacy systems or looking for a powerful cutting-edge solution for digitalizing your business, RGIST synergizes perfectly with your goals for the future.


Full Configuration

RGIST can be fully configured to suit your business, with features that can be added or removed to make it easier and smoother for adoption. At its core, RGIST is designed to help organizations optimize quickly and effectively.

With highly configurable capabilities, undergoing a digital transformation is easier with lowered operating costs and automation of legacy systems.


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Proprietary Platform

Being a fully-owned and proprietary platform means that we have our ear close to the ground to be attuned to your pain points, and we tailor solutions that are unique to your business.

Tailored solutions make things simple for both you and your employees. By combining our expertise with our flexible platform, you benefit from positive change that lasts.


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Re-engineering your application landscape to keep your members connected takes time. Fortunately, this process is simplified with absolute interoperability and interaction with RGIST’s plug and play capabilities.

Hitting the ground running lowers opportunity costs and downtime, allowing you to focus on keeping your operations moving with no delay.


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Vertical, horizontal and data format integration can all be achieved seamlessly and easily. A complete integration creates value, reduces costs and provides you with an accurate overview for effective management of your enterprise.

RGIST can be utilized by businesses of all sectors, allowing for:

Businesses to Businesses (B2B)

Your Business, Your Rules

With a highly configurable and customizable platform for rules, this makes adjusting the customer experience simpler.

Turn Data into Insights

Identify key bottlenecks and stakeholders easily, enabling quicker turnaround rectification and identifying holdup ownership.

Unlimited Potential & Compliance

RGIST does all the heavy lifting for different laws and guidelines across continents, freeing up precious resources.

Treat Every Customer Right

From membership tiers to gift vouchers, rebates and rewards, effortless customization brings continuity to customer experience and helps in retaining valued customers.

Fuss Free Inventory Management

Access logistics and inventory details at your fingertips and update your inventory easily with powerful user control. Real-time updating brings greater value to your staff and your customers.

Multi-Channel Single User Experience

Get users onboard with a seamless, easy journey with RGIST’s APIs integration with any system, providing them with a one-stop unified experience unlike any other.

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