RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
RGIST – Taking Business Transformation Forward!
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Pillars of RGIST

Pillars Of RGIST

A Powerful Platform
Ready At Your Disposal

With growing needs and volatility in these days, organizations and enterprises today lack a fully configured platform that is truly plug and play, often resorting to off-the-shelf platforms and making do with solutions that do not fulfill all their needs.

We’re here to change that.

At RGIST, we understand that time is of the essence. As such, RGIST is built to be fully scalable and auditable, while being anchored on three key pillars of readiness. This ensures that your organization has the ability to respond to challenges quickly while bringing your processes, workforce and stakeholders up to speed effectively and efficiently.

Pillars Of RGIST

Pillars Of RGIST

With ready engines, rules and APIs at your disposal, getting started on a digital transformation has never been simpler.

RGIST is built with critical modules that empower your business with quicker solutions, giving you the room for accurate decision making while creating opportunities and a bird’s eye view for informed decisions.

Solution Readiness

Basic processes for industrial needs are primed and ready, allowing for a solution that integrates fully with your needs.

By quickly identifying your pain points, our expertise in optimization combines strategy and technology to quickly and precisely tailor a solution for your needs. This is augmented by our advisory and implementation services for organizations of all sizes.

Product Readiness

Key products like Virtual Room solutions, Communication & Ticketing systems and others are ready for roll out quickly and effectively, ensuring that your workflow remains optimized with no delay.

Analysis of real-time data can be performed concurrently, resulting in an unparalleled technological leverage for your organization.

Full-Fledged IOT Connectivity

Whether you require 24/7 cloud access on the go or have a fully-functioning server on-premise, RGIST works seamlessly by providing you with flexible options and unprecedented interoperability.

Complete Accountability Always

RGIST digitizes the entire flow for a complete end-to-end holistic overview for maximum accountability. Auditing features come at a default of 7 years.

Flexible Yet Stringent

Build a solution on RGIST’s platform that suits your operations best. From geolocation permissions to multi-level user access, anything is possible and configurable based on your security needs.

Regardless of your business goals and requirements, every part of your business can be integrated easily for maximum results.

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